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Evergreen CA Locksmith Store Evergreen, CA 408-909-9191Several people let their properties out to tenants; not everyone is blessed with good relationship with them. While some of the tenants maintain a respectful relationship, a few may play spoilsport and cause trouble to the landlords. There are quite a lot of reasons why landowners are forced to take the extreme step of forcefully getting their tenants vacate their premises, non-payment of rent and damaging property through reckless behavior being a few. If you happen to be one such affected landowner looking for getting tenants evicted and enter your premises in area, you need not go any further – just call Evergreen CA Locksmith Store for professional eviction locksmith service.

What should you do before hiring our eviction locksmith service?

To qualify for professional eviction locksmith service, one needs to be trained in all types of locksmithing services and have to follow relevant local laws as well. The legal route has to be properly followed; firstly you need to serve a notice to the tenant, wait for the required time, move the court of law, and upon winning the case, you will be allowed to get your premises opened.  When you have sorted all legalities, you may hire a reliable locksmith service for unlocking the doors and locks of your premises. Here’s where we play a crucial role – our team is trained in handling eviction locksmith service under short notice and in professional manner.

What happens during the eviction procedure?

It is mandatory that a law enforcing officer be present during the eviction process. If in case the tenant refuses to vacate the property in the presence of the officer, our locksmiths will get the lock opened under the officer’s directions, and the officer may then escort the contesting tenant away from the premises. This leaves you free to enter and use your premises as you wish.

Prevent retaliation damage by getting a security upgrade

It is possible that previous tenants who were forcefully made to vacate may develop a grudge and try to attempt causing damage to the property by opening the locks with the keys that they have previously been issued with. This necessitates landowners to either change all the locks or at least change the inner pin mechanism of all locks so that ex-tenants will no longer be able to open the locks. This avoids possible retaliation damage.

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