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Evergreen CA Locksmith Store Evergreen, CA 408-909-9191Garage door is one vulnerable point of entry that attracts vandals and thieves. Providing an alternate access to homes, it is like the weak link in a chain, when sufficient protection measures are not taken.  We at Evergreen CA Locksmith Store have acquired a specialist team that handles garage door locks efficiently. We always recommend high-security locks for garage doors so that it can be properly secured against external threats. We have been serving the community with relentless and reliable locksmithing services since more than a decade. We assist clients with repairing existing locks and also in fixing new ones. We have earned the reputation of being the most efficient locksmith service company that ensures security of clients’ premises. We handle locks in commercial as well as residential properties.

Free security consultation from experts

Not every client is able to choose the right kind of lock for their garage door. Evergreen CA Locksmith Store locksmiths will provide free consultation about the type of security needed for your premises. We first visit your premises, examine the garage and its door, and then recommend a range of locks from which you may select one.

Garage door lock options

We specialize in both automated and mechanical garage door locks. Listed below are a few of our more commonly used products:

  • Deadbolt Locks: Proving economical, yet effective protection, deadbolts can be used for home doors as well as garage doors. Upon turning the key inside the lock, door bolt slides into place
  • Handle Locks: Regular lever/knob locks having handles may be used for garage doors. Easy to use and less expensive, they are commonly being used for garage doors. However, protection offered by this type of lock against manipulation is limited
  • Automated Locks: It is possible to open automated locks using remote control. Those having automatically opening garage doors can use same remote for opening the automated locks too.

Out of the various types of garage door locks available, either choose one that fits your purpose or allow our expert locksmiths to pick one for you.

Garage door locks repaired or replaced 24/7

We provide round the clock repair and replacement solutions to all types of garage door locks in . We work even on holidays. We assist clients in replacing faulty or worn out garage doors as well.

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