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If you are looking for efficient locksmiths for re-keying the locks of your commercial or residential property in , all you need to do is contact Evergreen CA Locksmith Store right away. One of the best solutions offered by our expert locksmiths is to re-key locks with unmatched quality and at very reasonable pricing. We ensure that property owners in the Evergreen are being offered the best service under the shortest time possible.

What doesthe rekey procedure involve?

Evergreen CA Locksmith Store Evergreen, CA 408-909-9191The process followed to re-key locks consists of replacing the entire locking mechanism including the tumbler system and the pin that are present inside your lock. This way, the old keys will not be able o open the lock. New keys are provided, and sometimes, master key pins which have been left inside, will be removed. This ensures that nobody can walk into the property without your knowledge. The major advantage of our re-key lock service is the improved key control – letting you decide who is eligible to enter your premises and who is not.

When should you re-key locks?

Following are a few of the circumstances under which clients choose to re-key locks:

  • Moving to a new property: If you have rented or purchased a new property, or in case you want to block the realtor, previous tenant,  or contractor from entering into your newly acquired premises without your prior permission, you may want to go in for re-keying all your locks
  • You’re renting out to someone new: Those who have property in or surrounding region, and do not have a good relationship with ex-tenants might want to prevent them from entering their premises for fear of retaliation damage. In such cases, lock re-keying proves to be effective
  • After divorce / fall outs: People who have fell out with their spouses or colleagues and those who have had divorces may want to stop them accessing the premises – necessitating lock re-keying
  • You’ve lost your keys: In case you have misplaced or lost your keys, it is better to re-key the locks to ensure safety of the premises

Free consultations

It is difficult to decide whether to re-key locks or change them altogether. Some locks may prove to be fragile or delicate for such efforts while others may render themselves well for re-keying. Evergreen CA Locksmith Store offers free consultation for examining your locks and suggesting the proper way out.

You may call us on 408-909-9191 for any lock re-keying services; we offer efficient solutions at affordable pricing!